Who We Are

Our Mission Statement:  To bring the general public and entertainers together for a pleasurable and innocuous experience through digital media and live performance comedy.


Uniting communities through laughter, Blitzed Entertainment is dedicated to bringing the best possible entertainment to venues across the country, we specialize in putting on some of the best stand-up comedy shows nationwide. Whether it's a fundraiser, corporate event, holiday party, birthday party, church function, or whatever your heart desires, Blitzed Entertainment is your go-to entertainment group when you need a quality comedy show at an affordable rate.

Blitzed Entertainment is an event planning and digital media company that provides experiences to its customers by providing digital content such as podcasts and live comedy entertainment such as sketch, Improv, and stand-up comedy for both public and private events. Blitzed Entertainment is the conception of Dan Bublitz Jr who is a stand-up comedian and live entertainment producer.

Blitzed Entertainment believes that every person needs to laugh and it is their duty to the community to provide safe spaces for all people to come together and experience laughter. Blitzed Entertainment believes that people are the most important commodity whether it be staff, clients, and/or contractors, all people deserve to be treated equally with respect and all people deserve to feel welcome at our events.